About IMP

Home away from home

The International Montessori Preschool (IMP) provides a safe and beautifully designed environment for your child's development milestones. Open to children from ages 1.6 to 4 years, IMP establishes a "home away from home" concept which helps with easy transition to future school settings. Here at International Montessori Preschool, we strive to ensure that every child feels at home, regardless of culture, ethnicity or background in an inclusive setting. We appreciate and celebrate diversity.

Montessori approach

Each area is carefully and beautifully designed to ensure growth in all five Montessori developmental domains, International Montessori Preschool comes equipped with Montessori materials (which were originally designed by Maria Montessori herself) and adheres to the five developmental domains, namely "Sensorial", "Practical Life Skills", "Language Arts", "Mathematics" and "Culture & Science".

Maximize potential

The prepared environment at the Preschool is to foster independence and confidence in children through choices that they make. This ensures and strengthens their foundation in these formative years which will enhance their abilities and maximize their potential.

Lifelong learning

Children have an innate curiosity for learning, hence, here at IMP we provide the opportunities in a Montessori prepared environment to ensure an enriching experience as they grow to become lifelong learners. Apart from focusing on growth and development we believe in inspiring children to be creative through arts, music and movement. Our daily routine reflects singing and dancing and playing instruments.

Meet the team

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