Our Facility

Located in the green surroundings of Sammakorn Village, a residential area away from the hectic city life, where the children can spend their early years of their lives learning and growing. Young children need a safe environment to explore nature and feel safe in their learning environment can foster independent learning.

Our classrooms are brightly lit and spacious, equipped with various Montessori apparatus for children to practice independence learning. The teachers facilitate learning by maintaining the atmosphere and order for the prepared environment in the classroom. The prepared environment gives the freedom for children to explore and develop their unique potential.

Our Montessori Room allows each child to experience the excitement of learning by his/her own choice and also by helping the child to perfect all his/her natural tools for learning, which is the basis for future learning. Refining the motor skills and development of the senses is utmost important for young learners.

Our Library has a variety of story books suitable for young learners, students can borrow reading books  home to read with their family.  Reading is also one of the best activities to provide foundational language and literacy skills for the children’s need to succeed.

Our Art Room gives the children the opportunity to explore colors, textures and use their own creativity. Art is one of many ways where children learn to express themselves and communicate their feelings. Through art, children also develop and make refinements to their fine motor skills.

Our Auditorium is open for many fun activities. Weekly activities are music, singing and Gymnastics classes. Music and movement is one of the most exciting activities we do at our school. 

Our playground is not only safe, it is surrounded by big trees that give natural shade for children to feel relax and have the love for nature. Moreover, the freedom of movement helps develop their physical strength through balance and building stamina for refinement of their gross motor skills. We believe that at the playground the children are most creative and this is where most learning takes place.