Healthy Policies

Washing of hands

Upon entering the school premises all students are required to wash their hands with alcohol. Washing of hands is encouraged to all the children throughout the school day.

Morning Temperature Checks

It is mandatory for all staff, parents and students to have their temperature check every morning before entering the school premises. A temperature log is kept for every student and staff at IMC. During any pandemic, all students, staff and parents are required to wear face masks at all times while inside school premises.

Sick Leaves

All students who show symptoms of flu or other illnesses during school hours will be removed from the class, parents will be called to inform of the symptoms and to be picked up from school.

Upon returning to school, all parents must present a medical certificate that states their child’s reason for absence or illness and that he/she is fit to return to school.

Absence from school for more than 2 days must be reported to the school office.