School Founder and Message from Director

IMC Where Happiness Grows

The International Montessori Center is one of Thailand's longest established Montessori schools. Instituted in 1991, The International Montessori Centre provides children aged 2-6 years old with a superlative nursery and kindergarten education. We blend together the Montessori Method with conventional education to offer a holistic education to develop your child's individuality, motivation and confidence.

Our intention is not to fill young minds with facts and figures but to integrate physical, mental, emotional and social development to entice the children and their curiosity, excitement, and motivation.

Through practical life skills we teach children to explore, create, build, touch, listen and watch with confidence. Coupled with this, our comprehensive mathematics, reading, writing and science programs develop your children's conventional life skills in order that they develop a firm connection and understanding of the world around them.

International Montessori Centre is safe, fun learning environment where we take pride in watching your child's happiness grow.

Ms. Arisara Ali

School Directress

Working Experience

  • Bachelor of Arts majoring in British American Studies Program (Hons), Thamasart University.
  • Masters of Arts majoring in teaching English as a Foreign Language (Hons), Thamasart University.
  • Mini Masters of Education for Early Childhood Education, Kasetsart University.
  • International Montessori Diploma Preschool/Kindergarten Montessori Teaching Programs, North American Montessori Center (NAMC)
  • Graduate diploma in Teaching Profession, St Theresa International College, Thailand
  • Masters' of Education in Educational Administration, St Theresa International College Thailand
  • Certificate of First Aid Training for Kindergarten Children, Mahidol University
  • More than 20 years of Teaching Experience to young learners.

The basic foundation of early years helps shape both the child's character and his or her desire to learn. Apart from intellectual stimulations, children must learn to live and socialize with their fellow human beings as part of a considerate and supportive community.

Mrs. Mariam Mahmood
School Founder