Why Choose IMC?

Established in the year 1991 we have been providing the best education for young  learners. Registered under the Ministry of Education Thailand. Almost 30 years of experience teaching young children of the ages 2- 6 years.

Our faculty consists of teachers of different nationalities who are very compassionate about teaching young children. Our teachers go under training for child psychology, Montessori education and other professional development related to Early Childhood Education. 

A Unique curriculum which integrates both the Montessori Method and Conventional styles of teaching and learning. We prepare the children for primary schools and future education.

Transparency between our school and parents is evident in working together hand-in-hand for the betterment of our children’s wellbeing and education. The school provides easy channels for parents, teachers and administrators to reach one another to provide assistance.  

Safe and secure is our aim for all the children entering our school. Being a small scale school which only caters for young learners we provide a safe environment for all children to explore and learn. All our teachers and staff know each individual child which creates a warm home-like atmosphere. 

Large classrooms are designed to provide carefully structured learning experiences with learning centers and play corners for children to learn creatively. 

Reasonable Fees which is affordable for parents to give a great learning experience for their precious children in an international and English speaking environment.

After school Activities offered to help children expand their interests in different activities as outlined below.