Extra Curricular Activities

Extra-Curricular activities can contribute to your child's well-rounded education outside the regular academic program and may positively impact a student's success. Besides having fun and a great way to socialize with peers, extracurricular activities can enhance a student's time management and stress management skills, improving their overall productivity and academic performance.

We provide a variety of top-quality activities designed to further develop your child's fundamental academic skills. Below is a list of fun activities we provide after school.

Language Arts

In this class students master the phonetic sounds and help combine them into three and four letter words by forming words starting with short sounds, long sounds and simple sight words.

Montessori Phonics
This class is most suitable for young learners to get acquainted with letters and sounds for the English language. Using the Montessori materials to enhance understanding.

Reading & Writing
Focusing on the word recognition and sounding out words to help in writing and reading. Students are introduced to reading short paragraphs and learning how to answer questions in complete sentences.

Cognitive Curriculum

Fun Math
Students can practice and review the concepts of number writing, object counting, addition and subtraction with and without pictures, telling time etc.

Critical Thinking Class
Students practice reading comprehension skills and solving problems using prediction and basic mathematical skills. Learning how to answer questions in short phrases and in complete sentences.

Science Experiment
The students will have a chance to practice in fun, hands-on experiments which will help them discover and understand basic science.

Foreign Languages

Chinese Language
Children learn basic vocabulary, simple conversation in Chinese, form Chinese characters and learn about the general Chinese culture.

Thai Language
This class is to allow students to practice forming letters correctly, learning basic vocabulary and practice speaking. Moreover, this class is provided for students who would like to continue their primary school in a bilingual or Thai schools.

French Language
Learning the French language through rhymes and songs, and introduced to basic vocabulary of colors, shapes and names of fruits and animals. Through story telling students will also be acquainted with the French culture and traditions.

Creative Curriculum

Cooking Classes
Food preparation and cooking are part of Montessori curriculum. Children love to prepare food and cooking always brings smiles when they complete the activity.

The course promotes physical strength, agility and flexibility, boosts concentration and focus, instills self-confidence and a sense of pride, and generates a love of movement.

Piano improves hand-eye-coordination, full use of both left and right sides of the brain, and qualities such as confidence and love for music and understanding of music and rhythm.

Arts & Crafts
Art is one of many ways children express themselves and communicate their feelings and inner joy. Through art children develop their fine motor skills, explore and use their creativity.