Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Curriculum

We are an International Kindergarten which integrates the Montessori Method together with the conventional style of learning to develop the early learning skills and experience important for the children as a whole. Through practical life skills and the development of the 5 senses, we teach them the necessary skills to develop their confidence in completing the given tasks. We endeavor to create opportunities for the children to explore, create, build, touch, listen and watch.

Besides these various activities, students acquire knowledge of the English language through phonics. We also focus on building a strong basis of Foundational Mathematics. In addition, our science curriculum lets children explore and experiment, children create awareness of the world we live in, the people and their cultures through these experiences.

Gross motor skills are one of the most important aspects for children to develop physically especially in their early age. Our timetable is equally divided for play and recreation. The ability to express thoughts and feelings for children of a young age shows in the arts and crafts they create.